Lviv, Ukraine.

  • Lwow-centre-view-from-vysoki-zamok
    Rynok, Lviv Centre
    View of the town centre from Vysokyi Zamok, Castle Hill, where a fortress was established in the 13th century. Lviv is in western Ukraine, just an hours drive from the border with Poland.
  • Lviv-central-square-rynok
    Lviv Rynok Central Square
    In the heart of the heart of the old town there is a large central square with crowds of people, cafes and bars. There is an easy, friendly atmosphere, street theatre and artists.
  • Lviv-rynok-central-square
    Lviv Rynok Central Square
    Ornate town houses with restaurants, tea shops, hotels and museums face the square on all sides. Trams run through the square, but it's closed to traffic.
  • Lwow-rynok-fire-display
    Lviv Rynok Central Square - Fire Display
    Crowd of people watching a display by artists playing with fire. There were also musicians and street theatre in the square, as well as a salsa dancing lesson.
  • Lwow-entertainment-parade
    Parties and Entertainment
    This group of dancers raced past whilst we were sitting in an outdoor cafe, they were promoting a dance event. There is plenty to see in the evenings and the people are friendly.
  • Arts-palace-lwow-ukraine
    Arts Palace, Lvov
    Presidential residence.
  • Casimirs-cathedral-lwow
    Casimirs Cathedral, Lvov
    Lviv has plenty of historic buildings, The city has a multicultural history. It was founded in 1256 and fell under Polish control in the 14th century. Poles, Jews, Ukrainians, Germans and others lived there together for centuries.
  • Church-lwow-federowa-street
    The Dominican Church and Monastery
    This baroque church was originally built as a Roman Catholic church in 1749, after World War II the complex was occupied by soviets and used as a warehouse, today it serves as the Greek Catholic church.
  • Lvov-university-building
    Lvov University Building
    Founded in 1661, Ivan Franko National University of L'viv is one of the oldest in Eastern Europe.
  • Lvov-railway-station
    Lwow Central Railway Station
    Train journey from Krakow to Lwow takes 9 hours, there is are long delays at the border - different tracks. Stopping at Przemysl, crossing the border on foot and catching a bus can work out quicker.
  • Vip-room-ceiling
    Lwow Central Railway Station - Ceiling
    The central railway station has a vip waiting room with this beautiful ceiling, ample seating and a wonderful train set for the kids.
  • Ornate-ceiling-lwow-airport
    Lvov Airport - Ornate Ceiling
    Beautiful ceiling at Lvov Airport. There aren't many direct flights from the UK, connect via Warsaw or Kiev. Visit WikiTravel for more information
  • Sports-stadium-lwow-ukraine
    Sports Stadium
    Time to relax. There are a lot of parks, green and wild places in Lvov.
  • Ferris-wheel-lwow-ukraine
    Ferris Wheel
    The permanent fair ground in Khmelnytskoho Park features lots of interesting rides for the children and a rugby stadium near by.
  • Stairway-to-heaven-lvov
    Stairway to Heaven
    Modern art abounds.
  • English-ukrainian-translation
    English - Ukrainian Translation Service
    With offices in the UK and in Lviv, English to Ukrainian Translations are working with a small team of multi lingual graduates to provide language services to businesses wishing to develop links with Ukraine.